Sprout Social : FBI Agent Desperately Trying To Remember Why They Have File On Eugene Levy Again bit.ly/2BMgTLB

WordPress.com : .Schitts Creek Emmy submissions: 30 entries include Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, and potentially historic haul for the finale goldderby.com/article/2020/s…

iPhone : Update on #uculevy: in the first week since we asked for donations to mitigate the £15 levy, members have donated £76,000.

Thank you. This takes us halfway to being able to exempt all members earning under £15k. We need this money by 28 July.

Donate at ucu.org.uk/fightingfund

Twitter Web App : 5/7 American conspiracy theories ("the virus was created by Bill Gates"; "it's a conspiracy against Donald Trump") were mostly absent from the French web. They were replaced by French-specific theories ("the Buzyn-Lévy couple plotted against Pr. Didier Raoult").

SocialBee.io v2 : #KINDLE
Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, 3rd Edition Paperback – August 1, 2011
by MD JD Thomas E Levy (Author) amzn.to/2U2jFCz
Provides the information you need to most effectively use vitamin C

Android : Morupule o padile, disaster fund Khama ae dirilwe DISS fund, Alcohol industry paralyzed by levies, entertainment industry e wa coz of tht, plastic levy, choppies e diga di supermarket tsa batswana under Khamas watch. Janon UDC e ntena ere khama o shapo? Ae Votsek

Twitter Web App : "La transition écologique, moteur de l’innovation"
#Replay du débat auquel Jean-Bernard Lévy a participé lors des Rencontres Économiques #AixEnSeine organisées par CercleDesÉconomistes. Edition 2020 spéciale et riche d'enseignements. #ecologie #innovation #climat youtube.com/watch?time_con…

Android : On remarque une chose concernant la LICRA, cette dernière s'attaque sans relâche contre Soral et son entourage militant ainsi que Dieudonné imposant la censure, mais jamais contre les juifs style Zemmour / Finkielkraut / Lévy / Goldnadel / Bercoff / etc... Cohencidence ?

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