Android : Every single writer, director, cast, and crew member dug deep and gave everything because we believed in Dave Gibbons & Alan Moore's story that was reimagined by Damon Lindelof. Thank you Television Academy for recognizing one of the most timely & important projects of our careers…

Twitter Web App : 🇸🇪 ❌ Victor Lindelof was the only Premier League CB not to be dribbled past this season. An incredible stat.

The Iceman.

Victor Lindelöf | The United Link 🏆

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Android : Mengapa pos CB perlu tambahan? Maguire dan Lindelof tidak bisa terus-menerus diandalkan. Ada momen ketika mereka perlu beristirahat. Terlebih, jika ditilik, Maguire dan Lindelof bukan pasangan yang tepat.

Android : I just finished binging the Watchmen series. Completely blown away. Was absolutely abrasive about any sort of sequel. But man, I'm glad to be wrong. What a truly outstanding and powerful show. Thank you Damon Lindelof and team. Truly amazing!!!

Twitter Web App : Naldo Nick Zale☣ I didn't say he will...just telling the other guy that Gabriel is strong in the air
Well I don't think your board will get Gabriel
For him to come one of baily or lindelof need to go,and I can't see it

iPhone : Stores_8 shoaib kevinevans You’re absolutely right. Bailly: 30m..Lindelof: 31m..Dalot: 20m and he wouldn’t still play them. Ole bought AWB, Maguire, James and Bruno and they are all starters albeit James and that was post lockdown Cos of Greenwood’s form. I won’t even trust mou with one pound.

iPhone : JOHNNY LINDELOF LIVES, LADS! Thanks to pm1986

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