Android : Those mocking or demeaning Uzma and Huma Khan for a settlement with Malik Riaz's family, please stop. Everyone knew a settlement was the only end to this sordid saga. Many of us spoke up for justice for Uzma, & all of us should be empathetic and respect her decision. End of story

iPhone : When I said Malik Riaz daughter lead this terrorist operation it was after I confirmed. And here she is caught in the picture. I want whole Pakistan to standby these two orphans #Uzmakhan and her sister. Test case for my naya pakistan. Buzdar sab we want FIRE with 7ATA section

Android : RIAZ MALIK Bankrupt??

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Android : The video of Malik Riaz's daughter asking her guards to sexually assault two women inside their home is widely circulated and no judge is taking suo moto action in Pakistan, no government official is bothered, no TV pundit pontificating over that.

Twitter Web App : پنجاب یونین آف جرنلسٹ کا چیئرمین "آپ میڈیا” گروپ سے مطالبہ ، خداراغریب ورکروں کوان کی بقایا تنخواہیں ہی دے دیں‌

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