Buffer : With the plot of #TheMatrix4 still a relative mystery and a young Morpheus rumored, could Keanu Reeves Neo find himself time travelling? buff.ly/3gmQnas

Android : Alejandro Argandona Tbf what else is there for keanu? Matrix 4 and this series. 1st one was the best one, was surprised they disnt ens it at 3. Should get crazier like Mission Impossible, at least those find new ways of putting tom cruise in danger

Twitter Web App : GGs to Matrix~ we win the 1k tourney 4-0! Shout out to Clout Xia💭 Jokesta Tetillo Here’s a nice clip i got ❤️ i got a few more that I’ll save for later

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Twitter Web App : the way we're gonna be getting matrix 4, john wick 4 and john wick 5 back to back to back.... and i'm happy

iPhone : NetflixFilm Matrix 4 will be a trans story and show people being a Female/Male in the Matrix and then waking up the opposite sex. That’s the reason people transition in the Matrix because they’re truly a different sex in the real world.

iPhone : やっぱそうか!!

マトリックスは元々、トランスジェンダーの物語だった。監督が明かす「私たちはいつも想像の世界に住んでいました」 #SmartNews huffingtonpost.jp/entry/he-matri…

Android : I love how our understanding of film can alter with new context. This is such a beautiful way to see The Matrix and goes to show how much of the self can go into storytelling both consciously and subconsciously. Can't wait for No. 4 Lilly Wachowski Lana Wachowski twitter.com/NetflixFilm/st…