Twitter for iPad : Michael Smerconish Michael, just like Tip O’Neill once said: all politics are local. Just look at the map and you will see that this Virus is concentrated in certain areas. Continuing a shutdown will cure the disease but kill the patient. We have to open up some businesses slowly.

iPhone : The fact that I still don’t trust Larry solely because of the fact that in my mind he’s Gary Clark speaks volumes about Michael O’Neill’s ACTING

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the_garlic : Jason Statham Beats Wedding Planner to Death in New Romantic Comedy: LOS ANGELES—Saying that he was “too busy to be a groom,” Jason Statham reportedly beat wedding planner Michael O’Neill to death in the romantic comedy The Wedding Planner this week. “...…

Android : Top 10 Trainers Santa Anita Park, victorias:

1) Bob Baffert 21
2) Richard Baltas 21
3) Peter Miller 19
4) John Sadler 13
5) Michael McCarthy 13
6) Jeff Mullins 12
7) Doug O'Neill 12
8) Steve Knapp 11
9) Phillip D'Amato 10
10) Richard Mandella 9

Twitter Web App : More psychoactive cinema: 7362 (1967) by Pat O'Neill. With electronic score by Joseph Byrd & Michael Moore.…

Twitter Web App : Class act.
Michael O'Neill's transformational Northern Ireland reign merits acclaim | Andy Hunter…