Android : "Mr. Singh should apologize to the women and men who serve their fellow citizens every day as police officers with professionalism and dedication..." Policing is not an easy job, Jagmeet's comments are so insulting to the men & women who risk their personal safety every day…

iPhone : Great subject for a question at the news conference. Here’s another, Mr. President, given that you betrayed America’s men and women in uniform do you feel shame looking them in the eye ?…

Twitter Media Studio : A young woman inherits her late fathers production company and encounters four men who uncover a massive conspiracy. 👑 Mr. Love: Queens Choice comes to Crunchyroll on July 16!

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Android : Harshit madan 18 I saw your Last video "How To Become A Vlogger??"
Well The point are Good and copied too....
As you mentioned Ft. Mumbaiker nikhil and Flying beast
This Click will surely not work try something Different
Nice to See you on YouTube ☺
- Mr. Men Vlogger

iPhone : I hate that A&E Network cancelled Live PD on A&E. My grandfather served as Cpt. of the Vallejo Police Dept. and I support the men and women who risk their lives to wear the uniform. The network has other great programs but I can’t support them and it hurts.

Android : *hits blunt* what if the Mr. J Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) was so broken up about wasn't the Joker but a pseudonym for Will Smith from his character in "Men in Black?" 🤔