iPhone : i promise you no one cares about your brand deal with a kabillion dollar fashion company right now. like i promise. use your privilege to make a difference and read the goddamn room.

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : D.P. William Ruto: No government has experienced the kind of challenge COVID-19 has caused to our country. Every Kenyan is now part of the big army to deal with COVID-19. This pandemic has made everyone realize our inadequacy and what God can do #MadarakaDay

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Twitter Web App : So far most companies have resisted the "regulatory favors for right-wing propaganda" deal that Trump's put on the table but Facebook said yes and it looks like Comcast may join them.

It seems unwise to just assume Amazon and TimeWarner will say no forever. twitter.com/benyt/status/1…

Android : I think by looking at the twitter. If you're a policeman, how do you deal with a mobizing person? Human beings who cannot think of such basic things have no right to blame policeman. #America / translation site use

TweetDeck : During this #PrideMonth I would like to give a shout out to a couple of shows that have showed bisexuality/pansexuality/fluid sexuality without making a big deal of it. No "what are you?" or "oh, ur gay now" bologna. Just people being people & no confusion. #DeadToMe #KillingEve

iPhone : royal I love you G 💙 sorry won’t fix anything nor help the pain you deal with or dealt with but I am sorry you had to go through that, no one deserves that.. You’re one of the strongest woman I know. 🙏🏼 wouldn’t hesitate to beat someones ass for you either.

Android : President Donald J. Trump ain’t taking anymore shit and he ain’t scared of any shit.

He walks right out the door of the White House, strolls through riot torn Lafayette Square, & heads to burned St. John’s Church.

This man is the real deal, no doubt.

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Android : Matthew Fuller Call of Duty It not even about that,is just the simple fact that they are completely different and have no relation to video games,there no excuse for pushing it back...ik there chaos in the world,but this the type of reason I need cod,we need to reunite online so we can deal it together

iPhone : uyghur muslims in china are being dragged into concentration camps for being muslims and u think putting a 'mere' sticker of the shahadat isn't a big deal? muslims cant recite the shahadat w/o being called terrorists and u think there's no harm done bcs its ur idol? idk u tell me

Android : No big deal. Just Fredo and CNNs far-left, in-house Catholic priest to mock and call into question whether pro-life conservatives and people on the right are Christians.

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iPhone : It would be an absolute catastrophe to have No Deal on top of fighting this pandemic!

Yet we are heading for just that!

We need to Extend the Brexit Transition!


Then SIGN this petition!

SIGN here petition.parliament.uk/petitions/3004…

Now RT it!

#No2NoDeal #ExtendTransition #FBPE