iPhone : An absentee ballot without a signature is not a “minor error”. It is a ballot that must be rejected. If ballots sent in lack signatures, there is no way to match them against voter rolls to be sure the ballot is genuine. Signatures matter. Postmarks too. nytimes.com/2020/08/03/nyr…

iPhone : The second is something I do. Occasionally in the middle of the night I will suddenly and without cause become very concerned with someone else’s breathing. I’m not sure if it’s an EMT thing but sometimes I stay awake for up to an 20 min making sure she keeps breathing.

Android : When making tough decisions in life, always be sure you’ll be pleasing the Almighty and not incurring His wrath. That way, you’ll always find yourself guided because at the end of the day, the final judgement is up to Him alone. Don’t worry what people will think or say!

Android : thinking of trying a sort of eco brutalism style in minecraft. not sure how i feel about this style test though 🤔

iPhone : North Korea has 'probably' developed nuclear devices to fit ballistic missiles – UN

And so can mad dictator ⁦Donald J. Trump

Not sure which I trust the least. theguardian.com/world/2020/aug…

iPhone : 2nd day of working without shoe covers. Sure, it’s not as essential as a face mask. But it still means I am working with incomplete PPE. Am I gonna have to pay for my own shoe covers now? What about my staff?

Twitter Web App : I was remembering the other day how I'm not sure how much comfort I was when someone close to me had one. Because I didn't know what to say.

I barely remember addressing it at all. I was just around them a lot, or vice versa twitter.com/Niki_London/st…

iPhone : For the record, ‘di pa naman ako sure if magme-med ako, so I technically did not lie. Hahahaha.