Android : Terrorists communicate via shared messages. It is how Osama Bin Laden triggered 9/11. This letter feels to me like that. It seems this White House occupant is triggering his MAGA terror group. Get ready America. The goal will be to make you afraid to vote. We will VOTE!!!

iPhone : You may be a pseudo-feminist if you think that Saddam Hussein, Baghdadi and Osama Bin Laden are somehow better for the world than Donald Trump.

iPhone : Admiral William McRaven, famous for running the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, tells Willie Geist there are three criteria for leaders taking action:

1) moral
2) legal
3) ethical

On clearing peaceful protest for photo op:

“There is nothing morally right about that.”

Android : انا بس سؤالي بيبقي عايز اتخيل العمليه بتكمل ازاي، يعني جبنا شخص متعافي،وبعدين! خدنا منه بلازما، هل هنديهالو ف البيت ولا المستشفي هترفض تديهاله! التخبط ده بيأذي اكتر ما بيفيد

Android : Donald J. Trump) 's Twitter Profile">Donald J. Trump The guy who lead the team that KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN (Admiral Mcraven) tells it like it is about Donald J. Trump) 's Twitter Profile">Donald J. Trump.  And before Trumpettes lose their cool, this guy served under numerous Dem & Rep Presidents for over 30 yrs. Fox is afraid to host him. #Biden2020Landslide

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