Android : CM Capt.Amarinder Singh said that students health is of paramount importance and that the UGC should leave the decision of conducting exams on the states for which he has already written a letter to PM Narendra Modi ji.

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Buffer : The cat Marlon Brando holds in the opening scene of "The Godfather" wasn't initially in the script. It was a stray the director found on the lot at Paramount Pictures.

The cat was so happy, much of Brando's dialogue had to be redubbed due to its loud purring.

iPhone : Were excited to announce that BYP Network and Goldman Sachs are joining forces to hold an exciting webinar this Thursday from 6pm!

The Leadership in a Time of Crisis webinar is in a time where strong and supportive leadership couldnt be more paramount.

See you there!

iPhone : Begging Betty Playing daddy to single mothers is part of it. Men can be promiscuous and get away with it knowing she won’t starve but forgetting the paramount role they play. It’s so sad to me as a black man that being seen as an active parent is something rare and wonderous. We’re the problem

Android : #PressNote from Hemalata, W/o Poet & Activist #VaraVararao and his daughters Sahaja, Anala, Pavana calling upon the Govt. to immediately ensure full #medical & #healthcare to the under trial prisoner who has been jailed since 22 months. They appeal that #RighttoLife is paramount.

Android : First day back and checking in with staff, mentally and physically. Staff are the most important part of a business and paramount about feeling safe to return to work. #safe #socialdistancing #wellbeing #mentalhealth

Instagram : Yuk ngopi.. Lg promo buy 1 get 1.. Buruan.. *_^ @ Cluster Alicante Andalusia Paramount Serpong…

Android : Graha drishti has paramount role in deciding results of the dasha lord.Graha drishti has major role in changing nature and characteristics of the dasha lord planet.

Twitter Web App : During FAO webinar on boosting #COVID19 response and recovery, BethBechdol highlights 7 priority areas in the new FAO COVID19 Response and Recovery Programme. Cooperation with governments, regions and private sector paramount to prevent COVID crisis from becoming a food crisis