iPhone : [英語モチベーション] 29歳の決心あなたならどうする?|日本語字幕 | 英語字幕 | ピーターディンクレージ | Peter Dinklage... youtu.be/iSFi6NBxTcA YouTubeより

Android : Colmillismo Me haces recordar de que yo no reconocí hasta años después a Peter Dinklage en X Men days of Future past y ya miraba Game of Thrones jajajjajajahja 😆😆😆

Twitter for iPad : DC The Jase Where else would you catch David Sylvian, John Motson, Stephen Graham and Peter Dinklage at this time in the morning?

Twitter Web App : "actually i think tony soprano is hot" is the "actually i think peter dinklage is hot" of fat guys

Twitter Web App : Lin-Manuel Miranda When I saw she was in that AND Peter Dinklage, I wished I could fly back and see it. Perhaps it was good I didn't, but I love Cyrano so very much and I am certain that cast had to have blown the door off that place.