Twitter Web App : LAP 14/71

Max is OUT ❌

Red Bull driver returns to the pits, the mechanics try to fix his car but to no avail. An unhappy Verstappen disappears into the garage...

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Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Red Bull have requested a review after Lewis Hamilton was cleared of failing to slow for yellow flags during Saturdays qualifying session

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Twitter Web App : LAP 54/71

The Safety Car is coming in at the end of this lap

Bottas leads from Hamilton, then its Perez from Albon - the Red Bull driver has strapped on a fresh set of tyres.

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iPhone : you’re telling me you lot saw jeffree star has an entire fridge dedicated to red bull energy drinks and you DIDNT think he’s a suspicious person?

iPhone : So I go to the store to buy a red bull cause I’m going to stay up late to work and what do I do when I walk in? Go straight to the alcohol section 😂
Almost forgot what I came here for lmao

Twitter Web App : HAHAHAHAHA lagian halu sih pengen ikutan RB Leipzig, RB Salzburg, dkk tp ga ada ikatan sama Red Bull.

Serigala Margonda!…