TweetDeck : Signing stuff at the EMI Office in Stockholm. They had a huge room dedicated to Roxette memorabilia, gold records and stuff. Cozy. /P.

Twitter Web App : #MONOEYES

1.Two Little Fishes
2. Run Run
5.Get Up
6. My Instant Song


#ビバラオンライン #GYAO

Instagram : I love her voice and her song
All about her , I love it💗
#mariefredriksson #roxette…

Android : Helena Yesss!!Jaja, però jo sóc molt, molt dolenta amb la música! I el que em mola és que m'endevines els gustos!
Dels 90, Sting, Roxette, 4 NonBlondes i Cranberries. I així, fent un salt gran, Belle&Sebastian, Pink Martini, i descoberta l'any passat, Zaz. I entre mig, barreja total.

iPhone : kalau ibu tak pernah cakap pasal roxette album yang ibu ada yang original i dont think i would know suju had album release that time masa mr simple year

Twitter Web App : it must have been love by roxette played as i scroll pinterest for dahmo pics. no doubt, an attack.