iPhone : Portland Police bull rush #antifa rioters on the street, knocking some of them to the ground. #PortlandRiots

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Twitter Web App : From morning, we have all been reporting deaths from Kerala. This is just so so bad. First landslide, death toll in that is 19 now. And imagine, many areas near the airport are containment zones, but everyone had to rush to help in rescue operations. Just horrible

iPhone : I’m A Celeb will be taking place in the UK this year.

Bushtucker trials will include who can queue for the longest at Asda, having to shoo a moth out of a bedroom & instead of skydiving from a helicopter, they face the horrific prospect of going on the northern line in rush hour

Android : #AirIndiaCrash All 190 onboard were rescued in 1.5 hrs, thanks to prompt action by the people of Malappuram. They may have saved more than 70% of the victims.

Yes, the same Malappuram derogated as India's most violent district by a BJP leader recently.


Android : 大屌航叔鸡吧侧漏!好骚!

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Instagram : ストレッチを続けてきた結果が少しずつ出てきたーーー!ていう比較。

#ストレッチ instagram.com/p/CDnxfJ1gnZr/…

Android : SUMMER RUSHの人狼ゲーム回一発目が終了。

iPhone : 【出演決定!】

8/29 大阪・泉大津フェニックスにて行われる「RUSH BALL 2020」に出演します!