Twitter Web App : Imagine being so hypocritical as to simultaneously downgrade 42% of pupils in Wales (where Labour is in government), move a no-confidence motion in Scotland where the SNP has restored grades, while in London call for the UK government to follow the Scottish lead. #Hypocrisy…

iPhone : I can take folk arguing for Scottish separatism. What makes my blood BOIL is the fake claim of victimhood and colonisation. Scotland gets MORE of the British cake than any other constituent part. AND far from being a colony, brutally colonised a third of the people of the world.

iPhone : gibbzer I’m a Yank, so bear with me as I try to make sense of this. According to this dude it’s totally fine for the UK to break off from the EU, but it’s not OK for Scotland to break off from the UK? And anyone who listens to their constituents is not a leader? Did I get that right?

iPhone : If one of the weapons stored in Scotland exploded it would kill everyone within green area. Why is this not stored next to U.K. Houses of Parliament - after all they want to keep them. #indynow.

iPhone : an EMERGENCY FireFighter for ALL of scotland (except west coast) has just told me that a significant number of EMERGENCY SERVICE workers in scotland have COVID & are off work


Probably ANOTHER super injunction on the media

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: The worried parent who appeared on Reporting Scotland last night attacking the Scottish Govt over schooling, stood for the Scottish Conservatives in the 2007 council elections. Alison Payne, who is also a former adviser to Annabel Goldie, stood as Alison Miller.