Twitter for Advertisers : "It was like a roller coaster... good, not so good, stopped, injury, being in the army, add everything together and it was a long season."

💬 Sonny on his 2019/20 campaign.


Android : ...da Parkste schon unterm Balkon und entdeckst frühs sowas 😡🤬
Erwisch ich Dich, säufste mindestens eine Dose von dem Gelumpe!!! Anzeige ist raus

iPhone : Hope everyone has a great day except sonny fodera he still has me blocked from commenting on his live streams, Panzy makes music for people who wear fluffy sliders outside the gaff

Hootsuite Inc. : Doing the Big Shop this weekend? Dont forget to pick up a copy of #TheMinuteISaw will you, out now!

My time with Sonny and Hannah was short, as I read it in one day, but their story is one I will remember fondly and will be recommending forever more says Hayley