iPhone : OMG these two ❤️❤️ Stormi x Chi ❤️❤️

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TweetDeck : Liza and her baby sister Rianne tried the "Marshmallow Experiment" inspired by Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi! WATCH HERE: bit.ly/2WMeBDZ

iPhone : “I like your hair!” - Chicago

“Thank you!” - Stormi

Just blessing your timeline with this.

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La princesa del Rap Kulture, hija de la Reina del Rap Cardi B está comenzando a ser Tendencia ahora mismo en Twitter USA🇺🇲

iPhone : kylie did the challenge with stormi and i don’t know if i heard wrong but stormi started saying “patience patience” PLS SHE IS THE CUTEST

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iPhone : omgg chłopaki musicie mi przyznać racje, stormi jest najcutest baby z całego klanu kardashian – jenner🥺