iPhone : military recruiters need to be BANNED from highschools, ESPECIALLY in low-income areas. FUCK THAT. they know most of these kids would do anything to get out of their situation and they take advantage of that. ITS SICK!

iPhone : Un aventure s’achève...mais rassurez-vous d’autres arriveront!
Merci vraiment à vous tous pour tout le soutien et l’amour que vous m’avez témoigné durant toute la diffusion. Vous êtes ma victoire.
Ma 🔥 reste allumée vous êtes formidables 🙏🏻 #kohlanta Koh-Lanta ALPfr TF1

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iPhone : Have you signed Emma Dabiris petition yet? It is rightfully calling for an end to the discrimination of afro-textured hair in schools.

UK Government: Protect Afro textured hair! Amend the UK Equality Act to include hair. Sign it here: buff.ly/2W7DEl3 via Change.org