Twitter Media Studio : Ever wanted to learn the rules of games like Mancala, Riichi Mahjong, or Shogi, but not sure where to start? #ClubhouseGames: 51 Worldwide Classics features tutorials, tips, and assists for some of the games to help you get familiar with the basics!…

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Twitter Web App : Sharing this because.. for sure.. our senior journalists will start calling this a masterstroke..

Twitter Web App : Social distancing in Virginia has slowed the spread of COVID-19. When restrictions start to ease, testing and tracing likely infections will be the only way to make sure cases don't spike and overwhelm hospitals.

How much testing is enough? Where are we now? A thread >

Android : This goddess deserves more so make sure if your not already $ending to help fund her lifestyle to start now. Prefect time to $end tonight for her and alphas anniversary tomorrow

Paypig humanatm finsubs findom

Android : I’ve told this before, but please indulge me again. I took care of my sister when she had her corneas replaced & baseball was my respite.

The odd time I could get to a game; I made sure it was a Halladay start. It was the best distraction.

We were so lucky to have Doc.

Android : I am sure the MSM will start reporting it this way.…

Android : Imagine kalau kau sorang, especially if you're a woman, and you forgot to lock your car.

Walaupun pakaian macam tu, anyone would feel scared if that happens.

So be safe, make sure you lock your cars the moment you closed the car door.

Kunci dulu, baru start engine.…

: Story of mom, and many other people for sure.

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Twitter Web App : Shawn Brewster vikki I saw a Viki with a mohawked poodle avatar start attacking the Breitweisers at that time and muted her. Been muted until today. I am also not so sure that was a lie.

Twitter Web App : Elon Musk Hey Elon we should start a GoFundMe to raise money to send Gavin, Pelosi and The Gates on a way way trip to Mars! You have a shuttle leaving anytime soon. I'm sure the funds would flood in for this!!

Twitter Web App : Tim Dunno for sure! I was thinking perhaps picking an interesting scene to start, and having each person take a character? Or more ambitiously, could pick a whole play