iPhone : “The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has made false and misleading statements about two veteran inspectors who challenged a cover-up of their investigation in Syria, leaked documents show.”
thegrayzone.com/2020/05/06/opc… via The Grayzone Aaron Maté

iPhone : Far more interesting to me is how CNN) 's Twitter Profile">CNN pushes CIA pro-war talking points regarding Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Iraq, etc, etc.... CNN) 's Twitter Profile">CNN, which purports to be “straight news” , but really belongs in the same genre as a Raytheon press release. How does it feel to be the face of that? twitter.com/oliverdarcy/st…

iPhone : The regime changers are desperately lobbying Susan Sarandon to refrain from sharing journalism that contradicts their pro war narrative about Syria. Others are resorting to bullying. It’s pathetic. These people can’t engage with the facts, all they can do is try to silence twitter.com/janinedigi/sta…

Twitter Web App : YOUR DONATION NEEDED: Right now, we’re responding to COVID-19 in over 70 countries, providing access to care for vulnerable people in places like the U.S., Yemen, and Syria. Your monthly donation can help us provide lifesaving care to patients around the world.

Android : This family is breaking their Ramadan fast in the rubble of what used to be their home in Syria.

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Twitter Web App : 😂 Arab council , isn't sa reason why kids are dying in Yemen, Iraq conflict, Syria etc sorry but what conflicts have you guys resolved ? twitter.com/LadyVelvet_HFQ…

Android : Sudhir Chaudhary
The most intelligent journalist in the history, the person who stand with truth♥️
1. Reporting during kargil war
2. Reporting in the syria while it was the most horrible time.
3. Reporting from siachen at -40 degree.
4. Reporting during 2001 attack on parliament

Twitter Web App : Just a reminder. Barack Hussein Obama was terrified to death of Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Xi of China. Why else would he not stop Russian and Chinese troops in the Middle East while ISIS was beheading Christians and Musilms everyday in Iraq and Syria?

Twitter Web Client : Each day families across #Syria eat a warm meal made from food provided by World Food Programme.

Um Hussains family are 1 of them. The food she receives each month ensures that none of her 3 children in #Aleppo go to bed hungry & she can use her savings to buy fresh fruit & vegetables 🥦🌶️🍊