Twitter Web App : Do people need any more incentive to turn out to vote than what we've seen in the last day, the last week, the last month? Crawl over glass to vote, folks.

Twitter Web App : Last years Europa League final:

—Hazard says goodbye to Chelsea
—Petr Cech retires from football
—Maurizio Sarris first senior trophy
—Pedro completes the European trophy set

A day full of emotions ❤️

iPhone : The events of the last couple of weeks have really sent a clear message that black lives are under threat every single day. We cannot live in a society and a country where our rights and dignity are not equal for everyone.

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TweetDeck : Today marks the day that would have been my last scheduled show before everything shut down.

Android : Had an amazing day. Cannot start my pc and I am very tired so gonna check it tomorrow sorry that there where 3 days without streams in the last week. Have some announcements soon hopefully xD 😅🥺

Android : Update to English hospital deaths by day-of-occurrence.

Reported total 146, down on 157 last Sat but also loads of backdating today (40 > 1 week, just 14 last Sat).

5-, 4-day reporting totals up; 2-, 3-day down. Indications still that the uptick for 25 & 26 May only temporary.

iPhone : For most of last week, Ontario was reporting more than 400 new #COVID19 cases a day. Digging into the data revealed the regions where cases was climbing. And then Kelly Grant and Carly Weeks figured out what was behind these surges.…

Twitter for iPad : Today was all about #Nebulas2020 and a sleeping dragon #cake (to celebrate the last day of school...because Ill take any excuse when I want to make a fun cake).

Android : Laurie ♥ Good morning Laurie! Thank you. I should have checked my time from last week before I went so I would have had more of a push. I'm hoping to hit the practice range today and swing some clubs. Enjoy your day and take it easy!

iPhone : “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”