Twitter Web App : I don't want to give the impression that sometimes advisers can get their bosses to agree to things they are not that keen on, ahem, but I'm especially pleased today that I persuaded Tony Blair he should appear at the Liaison Committee to show commitment to transparency #legacy

iPhone : Ooooh Adam Boulton didn’t like his close family friend Tony Blair being spoke about like that & cut the subject & live feed off

SKY NEWS excelling themselves at being very unprofessional, eye rolls yesterday and door stepping someone’s elderly parents

The network is toast

Twitter Web App : NancyK This is actually significant though. Greenberg isn’t some joke activist. He was Bill Clinton and Tony Blair’s pollster. He is a serious guy and Joe could listen to him.

Twitter Web App : Greenberg isn't exactly a lefty.
Pollster to Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.
His study of white working class voters in Michigan popularized the term "Reagan Democrat"
He's longtime partners w/ James Carville

Android : Its the faux SAGE opposition party, sponsored by Tony Blair. When did he care for anyones safety.…

Android : "Everyone knows that there is one law for the rich and another for the poor. But no one accepts the implications of this..." - George Orwell

See: -
Prince Andrew
Tony Blair
Philip Green
Boris Johnson
Dominic Cummings
And many, many more...

iPhone : Karl Thorburn Iain Dale This is Alastair Campbell Tony Blair’s political adviser when the made up story of weapons of mass dest and the death (suicide) of David Kelly happened. He has no authority derived from democracy but he is on TV 24/7 and he was an alcoholic. Potted history as I’d need a book!

iPhone : Johnny Mercer He took the piss when he didn't advise Tony Blair that Snatch Landrovers are good for riot control but death traps in Iraq, when he sexed up the dodgy dossier and hounded Dr David Kelly to death, and refused to accept democracy in the referendum