Android : Steve Crowther They were bought by Trinity Mirror in 2018. I guess they didn't want to immediately alienate their core audience, but now the metamorphosis is becoming visible.

Twitter Web App : Dan Walker Let us not mention the false photographs of British soldiers urinating on soldiers that got him the boot from the same newspaper hes linking to, or the phone hacking antics at Trinity Mirror ...

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TweetDeck : It made me realize that any paper owned by Trinity Mirror spouts out complete bollocks on a daily basis. What happened to local journalism?

iPhone : Mick Brown Robin Carter Michael Crick Reach PLC are the rebranded Trinity Mirror so the mirror do own the express but if you say Express has retained its leaning happy to accept yr right. Not read it in this century. Didn’t much last either! Don’t know why. Thanks for that pointer, as you can see I left it open

Twitter Web App : Battled Symphony Master, the Magic Mirror and Trinity Armor. (BbS)
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Twitter Web App : In 2015 Trinity Mirror (Reach PLC) became the majority news outlet in the u.k. with ownership of over 100 regional newspapers.…