Twitter Web App : about vile propaganda.
Tammy Duckworth is engaged in holding up the promotions of over 1 thousand members of the military - punishing her former fellow military members - over trying to push for a traitor, Lt Col Vindman, to get promoted to full colonel...she is a hack…

SocialFlow : Sen. Tammy Duckworth tells NPR that she still hasn't been assured by Defense Secretary Mark Esper that the administration won't block the routine promotion of impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

Twitter Web App : It is wrong for any President to seek vengeance against a Soldier for complying with a Congressional subpoena. I'm calling on Defense Sec. Esper to confirm he won't help enable Trump's retaliation against Vindman. (2/2)…

Android : Ted Cruz Like when trump says a reporter or someone he feels wronged him (IGs, vindman) should be fired and they are then bombarded with hate from his base, you mean like that.

Or a tv show like SNL, or fox news on the weekend, Cuomo, maher, Mueller, whistleblowers, etc etc.

iPhone : Mitt Romney, Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick, Alexander Vindman, the USS John McCain, and please don’t forget ... the USFL.…

iPhone : I wrote about this a while back. Many people were amazed and po'd that Trump might interfere in the promotion of Lt.Col. Vindman. Rightfully so.

Senator Duckworth is making that a priority!

Good for you Tammy!!

#ONEV1 #Dems4USA

Android : Minh Ngo Right? Ive been thinking... So are we just never going to talk about Trump doing nothing about Americans soldiers being MURDERED by Putin for bounty?

And are we going to do not do anything about Trump firing Vindmans BROTHER just because...🤔

Yeah, I think too much

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iPhone : I have adamantly spoken out against the scorched earth policies that was implemented by the RW Media against Lt. Col. Vindman and I will do the same here..I reject this notion that all of us are RW nutjobs.

Twitter Web App : BDW Ned Ryun .Tammy Duckworth didn’t ‘loose her mind.’

As with all seditionists intent on destroying America now and before her, she made cold, cogent & calculated decisions to do so.

She signaled in the clear to LTC Vindman & other mutineers treason is expected of them and will be rewarded.

iPhone : America was born out of an act of resistance. As we celebrate #IndependenceDay this weekend, I can think of nothing more patriotic than those who've spoken truth to power like Lt. Col. Vindman & those in the streets these past few months.

My CNN op-ed:…

iPhone : The Hill Duckworth has milked her service-connected for all it
is worth and now holds up promotions in support of
Vindman..........a LIAR who broke COC & violated protocol
in the handling of classified (leaked)
Tammy Duckworth