iPhone : My top goals of all time:

Gerrard v Olympiacos (what a hit son, what a hit)
Henry v United (the flick up and hit on the turn)
Zidane volley v Leverkusen (you know the one)

Got to factor in opposition and importance of the game.

What you got? 🤔⚽

Android : When an arsonist sets a fire to distract from another fire, and then sets a third fire to distract from the second fire, it's not an either/or situation—they're *all* fires.

I don't care what chess or checkers game Trump thinks he's playing. This bad decision *will* kill people. twitter.com/christiandston…

iPhone : Keep in mind the Minneapolis police left their posts at a Minnesota Lynx game because they were upset about the t-shirts the players wore in remembrance of Philando Castile. Just imagine what might be directed at the University of Minnesota now. twitter.com/wcco/status/12…

Android : Always be in a position to play foward. Be a move ahead. Intercept if you can. Always support your team-mates . Work hard and tell us when your not enjoying it . What’s with these 20 page syllabuses for kids . ? ‘Teaching young people a simple game ‘ right ??

iPhone : Need A Game Buddy☺️ What’s Your PSN?👀

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Android : Game is running SO smoothly for me tonight! Hardly any lag. Just took a few days to sort out some of the bugs and such but even then, only affected SOME of the content.

People really don't give ZOS staff enough credit for what they pulled off during this pandemic. #ESO

iPhone : Nic. I’ve never played drop back but I tried it in a rivals game during the week just to see what it was like. It’s honestly the most boring thing I’ve done. Won 1-0 but just sitting off people is awful. I’d rather enjoy what I’m doing than do that even if it’s more effective

Android : Counter Impact Your so fluent in thee talent that you bestow, i applaud your creation, this game is so amazing, it has so much elevation, i look forward to future updates, i tell you what, your ideas are impeccable, I'm glad that we can take part and experience such a phenomenal game...

Android : Indie Gamer Chick Moon Patrol was a tough one. I discovered the DOS port in High School and it's what first motivated me into modding games leading to localization projects eventually. All I wanted to do was change GAME OVER to "YOU SUCK!" It was that hard. A classmate pointed me to a hex editor.

iPhone : I was a big fan of Carlos taking over from Kurz so it's a pity to see him go. Still, he will always be the first Victory manager to win an away game in Asia. What a night that was. twitter.com/gomvfc/status/…

Twitter Web App : I know it's the "what if" game, but it's still worth considering. A black police officer kneels on an unarmed handcuffed suspect's neck for nearly 10 minutes and he dies. What would happen next?

Twitter Web App : Drew Dietsch Bloody Disgusting Great movie, great article.

It is horror and honestly I've never seen a thriller that isn't that I can recall. I see Fallen get this response too and just... what? The Game fits here as well.

Candyman is phenomenal, guess it is a thriller now.