iPhone : From the comments & feedback, this seems to be the team a lot of you would prefer. Instead of Chilwell & Alaba, you guys want Tagliafico as left back.Also a lot of you would prefer to give Kepa another season. It’s a very strong side & 1 that will compete for trophies next season

Twitter Web App : 5/10


All scrubs that don't deserve the Chelsea shirt

iPhone : utdanzino Tbf one of the most solid LB’s is Chilwell and he’s played 5 more games than Shaw and their stats are fairly close, I think a lot of people just have an agenda against him

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Thu, 09 Jul 2020 02:00 (GMT)

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iPhone : Havertz Werner Ziyech 10/10 each
Chilwell 2/10
Rice 4/10
W*llian extension -1/10

No issues with the players leaving

6/10 overall twitter.com/bodypilllows/s…

Twitter Web App : #MUFC We need to spend money this summer, Chelsea is 3rd with their current team, they bought 2 great players already, they're trying to buy Havertz, Rice, Chilwell and maybe they'll buy a CB next. This is scary and we need to be ruthless in the market.