Sprinklr : Unbelievable 🙌

10 years ago, Dallas Braden threw a perfect game on Mothers Day and celebrated with his grandma ❤️

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Twitter Media Studio : Rose hit a dagger to seal Game 3 on this day in 2015

Clutch in the playoffs 🌹

(➡️ State Farm)

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Twitter Media Studio : On this day in 2016, Stephen Curry set the record for most points in overtime in any game with 17, 40 total.

He started the game off the bench, making his return from an MCL sprain.

Missed all the previous games vs. Blazers in the semifinals.

Sealed Game 4 in historic fashion.

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iPhone : I called game!

Paul Pierce steps back and banks in the game winner on this day in 2015! #NBAVault

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iPhone : Give your mom some comfort. Happy Mothers Day to all you out there and even the gamers!!! 🎮💙
#game #pokemon #MothersDay #lugia #mother

iPhone : John O. Brennan Donald J. Trump How dare you lecture anyone about anything! You and your cohorts started this little game in an attempt to oust a sitting president. You are up to your eyeballs in lies and deceit. Your day of reckoning will come soon enough...off to jail with you and the rest of your team!

iPhone : #ErykahBaduvsJillScott
Round 4
Erykah Badu- Back In The Day
Jill Scott- Slowly Surely
Round 5
EB- Other Side of The Game
JS- Calls (w/Robert Glasper)
Round 6
EB- Appletree
JS-Whenever Youre Around
#Verzuz #BlackGirlMagic

Twitter Web App : Sampada 🇮🇳 Ankita Game of Heaven & Hell, Night & Day. This old Indian game, known now mostly as ‘Snakes & Ladders’, was originally a vehicle for immortalising Mankinds quest to map the Heavens. It took thousands of years for us to climb up to the heavens.

iPhone : On Obama's call the other day he said Flynn plead guilty to 'perjury'. Sorry Barack Obama but that is incorrect. Either you aren't paying attention, or you are playing the narrative game to facilitate the lie that you knew nothing during the transition period. #ObamaKnew

Android : Track: A New Day
Game: Sonic Rush
Composer(s): Hideki Naganuma

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Twitter Web App : NEW GIVEAWAY! Weve teamed up with our friends BassProShops Toronto for a great prize worth $156!
Included: 2 bass pro shops mesh caps, 2 bags of Candy, a 1,000 piece puzzle,
Walk like a Chicken game, Canada day flag tee & much more.
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Twitter Web App : Today is a #Quake day!
We started it with our new tradition 😈

From this week we will add Eng.subs to every our video of #QuakeChampions

Enjoy the Analysis video of the game "BaSe vs Raisy at #QPL stage 3 week 6" by BASE with Eng subs 🔥

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