iPhone : 40% of households making $40,000 or less have lost their jobs.

13% of those making $100,000 or more did.

If those numbers were flipped, you can be damn sure Republicans would move mountains to pass emergency relief.

Enough! It’s time to put working families first—not last.

iPhone : Depression-era unemployment, 100,000+ dead, millions sick, massive protests, police riots, and Trump is giving a celebratory press conference.

Not sure I’ve ever heard a president sound so divorced from the reality that most Americans are facing. Hilariously out of touch.

iPhone : And, now, reports of 40 bicyclists riding on Lake Shore Drive, which is closed to vehicles between Fullerton and 35th. Not sure why that's a problem. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago

Twitter Web App : Want to dive into #PUBG #RankedMode but not sure where to start?

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Twitter Web App : Shannon Bailey Steph I'm not so sure. I'm a millennial and about 80-100 of my peers posted this blackbox nonsense on their social media. I've approached them with more stats about black crime thank you can imagine and they get very uncomfortable and call me a racist.

Android : hello please make sure to sign petitions if u have not already and donate to funds and organizations if u are able to!!! blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/#

Twitter Web App : LumpyNews.Com Interesting question... Im not sure if the emoji gets decoded... when I copy and paste the emoji something (macos maybe?) transcribes it.

Twitter Web App : Slow self-impalement as the ropes lower him down...not sure if watching from the front or back is hotter 😈

Android : Quite a few Tory voters tweeting about D-Day, remembering the heroes and their sacrifices...
Pretty sure the best way to thank them, is not to vote quasi fascist and their eugenicist mates in power...