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Twitter Web App : Some predicted weeks ago that Democratic leaders did not actually want another bipartisan rescue package to pass, and would sabotage negotiations by refusing to come an inch toward the White House in these talks. Have Americans seen anything at all to disprove that?

Twitter Media Studio : ICYMI, I joined Fox News to discuss Democrats’ obstruction of the COVID-19 relief negotiations, how Republicans tried to keep extra unemployment benefits from expiring, and the need to keep small-business aid flowing.

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Twitter Web App : Democrats’ obstruction last week forced the additional federal unemployment benefit to expire. Their obstruction this week will force another deadline: the PPP shuts its doors Saturday. Republicans had plans to keep both from expiring. Democrats have refused them all.

Twitter Web App : Our country is facing bigger problems than whether Malibu gets to upgrade its street-sweepers. Struggling families need help now. Democratic leaders must stop blocking aid to Americans over their unrelated left-wing wish list. fxn.ws/31kQo8F

Twitter Web App : I extend the Senate’s condolences to the people of Lebanon following yesterday’s horrific explosion in Beirut. My full statement: bit.ly/30sqQHs

Twitter Media Studio : Democratic leaders say they’ll keep blocking federal unemployment aid unless we pay people more to stay home than to work. That isn’t just bad economics, it’s unfair. We should not be taxing essential workers to pay their neighbors a higher salary to stay home.

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Twitter Web App : We need to urgently help working families and those who’ve lost their jobs. But the Speaker and the Democratic Leader are blocking the entire rescue package over a special, unrelated tax cut for rich people in high-tax blue states.

iPhone : Speaker Pelosi is still holding up this entire package over bizarre unrelated things like carveouts for the marijuana industry. She even claimed to the press that pot is a proven COVID-19 therapy!

I hope she’s shared this breakthrough with Dr. Fauci.

Can we get serious yet? twitter.com/srcc/status/12…

Twitter Media Studio : President Trump just signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law. The GAOA will protect our countrys natural treasures and promote recreation and conservation for generations — thanks to the strong leadership of Cory Gardner and Steve Daines.

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Twitter Web App : Senate Republicans proposed a major rescue package: A trillion dollars for kids, jobs, and healthcare. But Democrats are blocking it all. The American people need a bipartisan outcome, not Democrats’ stonewalling behind closed doors.

Twitter Web App : The Senate mourns the young American servicemembers who were tragically lost while training last week. Our sympathies are with their families and our gratitude is with all the personnel who led the tireless search. bit.ly/31frWp7

Twitter Web App : Republicans tried several ways to extend unemployment benefits. Democrats blocked them all. They're refusing any more COVID relief for anyone unless they get a massive tax cut for rich people in blue states.

The country can’t afford this cynicism. Americans need help now.

Twitter Media Studio : ICYMI: I joined Fox News Martha MacCallum to continue discussing Senate Republicans efforts to help get kids back in school, put workers back on the clock, and equip our healthcare heroes to finish the fight.

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Twitter Web App : Democrats are holding up urgent help for struggling people over completely unrelated liberal wish-list items, like massive tax cuts for rich people in blue states. Economists across the spectrum say it’s a terrible idea. This is how serious they are about these negotiations.

Twitter Media Studio : ICYMI: I joined Judy Woodruff on PBS NewsHour to discuss the importance of helping schools and employers safely reopen, and delivering new relief to working families in need. For the country’s sake, Democrats need to come to the table.

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Twitter Web App : Senate Republicans tried several ways to extend the expiring unemployment assistance. Democrats blocked them all and refused another dime for COVID-19 relief unless they get to pass a bill that includes an unrelated tax cut for rich people in blue states. bit.ly/3jUOLqF

Twitter Web App : There’s a fact of life here in the United States Senate: It takes 60 votes to legislate. So the American people cannot get any of the additional relief that Republicans want to give them unless Democrats will come to the table.

Twitter Web App : The coronavirus does not care that we are divided. The coronavirus will not care if Washington Democrats decide it suits their partisan goals to let relief run dry.

The American people are hurting and Congress should have their backs.