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iPhone : How to go from eye-rolling to “why are you yelling?!” to “oops” to hysterical laughter to confusion to “that doesn’t make sense” to confusion level 2 to fear-for-our-future to “please don’t make that sucking sound” to “eww he made that sucking sound” in 27 seconds #TrumpIsUnwell…

iPhone : Not now, flu strain! We’re busy trying to remove racism, a human pandemic from the White House, and COVID.

Flu strain with 'human pandemic potential' found in China…

iPhone : 3 months
40 million people unemployed
2.5 million people infected
Over 125,000 coronavirus deaths

The level of selfishness with these people is disgusting.…

iPhone : Masks are for sheep

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iPhone : The fact that #iPad is trending - not because of WWDC or anything Apple related - but because of #MadsMikkelsen and the #HannibalReunion, makes me very happy.

#SaveHannibal #HannibalOnNetflix