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iPhone : One too many names.

#GeorgeFloyd’s murder needs to be a call to action to once and for all put an end to racism, police brutality & white supremacy in America.

#BlackLivesMatter #SayTheirNames #SayHerName

iPhone : I bet #impeached45 is blaming everyone in the @whitehouse for failing to stop him from cowering in the bunker. For the rest of his days #bunkerbaby will regret hiding in the dark on MAGA night. Dont let him take his shame out on us! Protect our lives & liberties from this despot.

iPhone : #bunkerbaby has thoughts about weakness ..... and no idea about true American greatness. #TrumpResignNow

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iPhone : Compare Nancy Pelosis astute observation that ANYONE else besides a police officer wouldve been arrested when #GeorgeFloydWasMurdered.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Contrast her clarity with #BunkerBoys decision to fan the flames, signaling his own supporters to riot.

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iPhone : More than 50 years after Stonewall, #PrideMonth is celebrated as a testament to the progress we’ve achieved in the fight against bigotry & discrimination — and stands as a reminder of the work that remains to achieve full equality for LGBTQ people and all Americans.

iPhone : Elijah warned us.

As the president* taunted him and his beloved Baltimore, Rep Cummings knew that 45 was weaponizing racism to usurp democracy - and he begged us with every last breath to fight back. I miss this great man every day. #ThisIsOurWatch #BLM…

iPhone : Those who fly the Confederate flag are celebrating the legacy of American slavery, the wrongful, and violent insurrection that followed, and the oppressive Jim Crow regime that came into power in many states.

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iPhone : Trump's White House wants to throw a big, expensive Independence Day election year event in the capital at a time when the economy is in the tank and the D.C. mayor is restricting gatherings to 10 people due to #COVID19.…

iPhone : The Labor Movement is much more than a building. We’ve said it for years and we will say it again: Black Lives Matter.…

iPhone : Stop calling names to a former VP of the USA.....he deserves your respect! stop dividing, stop insulting, stop lying, stop bringing the worst instincts out, and start respecting women, start respecting honor, veterans, senators, and now more than ever Respect Black Americans.....…

iPhone : Dear Fellow White People - we are part of the problem and we need to be part of the solution.

Stand with #BlackLivesMatter  and against our own who co-opt, loot, harm, or otherwise undermine these vital protests against systemic racism and police brutality.…

iPhone : Our hearts break for #GeorgeFloyd, his family & countless Black families who saw their fears realized in this horrific crime.

Battling the #coronavirus crisis & reckoning with its disproportionately deadly toll on the African American community, McConnell *still* refuses to act.

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