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Android : 방탄소년단 Publicity™⁷ 방탄소년단) 's Twitter Profile">방탄소년단 I mean for a Korean language album to chat #1 in the US is remarkable and when it’s remarkable it’s only 방탄소년단) 's Twitter Profile">방탄소년단 who can do this🙌🏻

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iPhone : ¡hola! bueno, esta cuenta es para cosas estúpidas de cncowners. la cuenta la hice en abril pero no la ocupaba así que quise hacerla de esto. aclaro que acá es sólo para reírse y pasar el rato; por cierto, pueden aportar cualquier cosa al dm, ¡gracias! 🤲🏼

Android : Taehyung singing taeyeons i and his beautiful high notes and soulful voice is calming

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Android : 방탄소년단) 's Twitter Profile">방탄소년단 Twitter Posts (Videos Only)









방탄소년단) 's Twitter Profile">방탄소년단

Android : [INFO] Sweet Night has now achieved 108 #1 on iTunes and is extending its record as the song with the most #1’s in iTunes history. Kim Taehyung also extends his record as the First and Only artist in the World to chart a song at #1 in 108 countries.
#OnlyArtistTaehyung 방탄소년단

Android : • First Korean Soloist
• First Asian Soloist
• First Male Soloist
• First Soloist In The World
• First Artist In The World
• Youngest Artist In The World
• Extended His Own Record x3 🆕️

#SweetNight108개국1위 #OnlyArtistTaehyung 방탄소년단

Android : 보고싶다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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Android : istg the fact that yall want to cancel (@/btschartdata) when the comeback is right around the corner!! whats wrong with yall!! yall literally throwing BTS under the bus! this doesnt sit right with me!

iPhone : This is a band that has been taken advantage of, in many ways, by people promising them spins and radio play in exchange for social media power.
- Halsey

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Android : [MEMORY]

🐰: Esto es mío. Raras veces uso ropa rosada, pero es mi bebé.

#JUNGKOOK hablando de su pijama de Cooky🥺

#BTS #JK 방탄소년단

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