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iPhone : I just want to remind you fuckers that trans people's identities & humanity are not up for debate. It is fact. Denying their humanity and experiences is not an unpopular opinion. It is bigotry and hate. If you're doing both of these, you're simply a transphobic bigot who is wrong

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iPhone : If only America would just SHUT DOWN and TAKE CARE of its citizens until the virus is under control like most other rich countries have done. But no these wh*te people just gotta be the fucking worst ones on the globe.

iPhone : i can’t lie, i really miss rihanna performing on stage.

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iPhone : Kanye knows about chip implants as the mark of the beast but he’s best friends with Elon fucking Musk... the same man who wants to put a chip in our brains. Someone ain’t doing the math right 🤔