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Twitter Web App : When Zora Neale Hurston said “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” — I felt that.

Twitter Web App : One thing we need to discuss is trauma lies at the core of assimilation politics.

And silence is the cost of assimilation.

Thus silence is also a consequence of racial & intergenerational trauma. Silence is the price you have to pay to enjoy them comfort of the masters’ house.

Twitter Web App : now imagine being donna summer…

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Twitter Web App : Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency: Launch further research into topical steroids - Sign the Petition! via UK

Twitter Web App : Frightening
We’ve been trying to warn you about this for years. All the people telling us to “go back home” on twitter aren’t all bots - they’re real people who are dangerous.
Will Boris Johnson be tweeting about ‘thuggery’ today?…

iPhone : Today I’m reflecting on an event that I went to last yr where I listened to a conversation between Jackie Kay and Angela Davis on activism, race, feminism, and radical/ revolutionary struggles. I left feeling hopeful. Sharing the link so you can too:

Twitter Web App : Let’s be honest, one viral video showing a statue of a slave trader being torn down has done more to educate people about Britain’s past atrocities than the statue did in the 125 years previous.

iPhone : “But what about rape and domestic violence, don’t we need cops for that?”

In my 5+ years as a domestic violence counselor, there was not one instance where I saw a victim of either sexual assault, rape, or domestic violence get the help they needed by the police.

Twitter Web App : If you want to help support Black LGBTQ+ people in the UK, please consider donating to UK BLACK PRIDE and the remarkable and life-changing work they do. ✊🏾✊🏾

Support here:…

iPhone : But in the long term, it will require commitment, self- education, healing of trauma and numbness, and willingness to fight injustice in our day-to-day lives, for us to create a world in which we can suffocate racism and protect black lives. #BlackLivesMatter

iPhone : The shame and guilt felt over the violence which has been perpetuated against the black community in America and the U.K has motivated many of us, who are non black people of colour, to donate, to sign petitions, protest and speak out.

iPhone : But this is an important first step in recognising that it is up to us to fight the fear which induces us to look away from the world and ourselves in it.

iPhone : This is not a comfortable nor an easy task and I say this lovingly and gently when I say that we all, esp South Asians, have to question and interrogate the systems and beliefs which our upbringing, our communities, our peers and contemporaries have taught us to follow.

iPhone : For non- black POC, who are, like many of us, educating themselves on the importance of the blm movement, it’s vital to realise that as we get older education becomes a process of unlearning and questioning old paradigms and thought processes w which we were taught and raised.

Twitter Web App : In response to the death of Martin Luther King Jr, 110 American cities started rioting. After the 6th day of riots, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was passed. Note that.

iPhone : Yes, donate. Yes, sign petitions. Yes, use your voice to support. But start laying the groundwork for the present and future generations by challenging and fighting back against anti-blackness, colourism, and racism.

iPhone : Challenge those who would much rather aspire and be close to white supremacy and it’s toxicity! Change isn’t going to happen overnight. White supremacy is insidious and deeply entrenched in our society, our institutions and our education system.