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Bio writer. (latest book: ENOUGH) in love with the world, in spite of it all. trying to be one of the helpers.
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iPhone : A powerful scene in Atlanta right now, this gives me chills.

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iPhone : Black victims murdered by the police aren’t required to pass the “purity test,” before being deemed worthy of justice—especially when no one’s judging the impurity of systemic racism and how it contributes to poor mental health, carceral captivity and socio-economic disparity.

Twitter Web App : People live with hypertension without dying. But NOT when there is a knee pressed down on the neck for more than 5 minutes. Nice of them to mention he was “restrained by the police,” but the autopsy concludes no asphyxia? WE WATCHED IT HAPPEN.

That arrest was merely for show.…

iPhone : I wrote about the history of the phrase “playing the race card.” Guess what? It’s racist! Stop using it.…