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Bio Search the Internet of Things, perform market research and monitor the external security of your business.
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Twitter Web App : Shodan For those who seek to dig deeper into using Shodan, check out my article "Shodan Pentesting Guide"…

Buffer : What is a banner? Learn more about what a banner contains and how its changed over time at Shodan:…

Twitter Web App : Daniel Miller ✝ Ignis Nmap Project there is a list of ~1225 ports that are always crawled on the same interval. And then there are other ports that are discovered by crawling the metadata (ex. DHT peers). The former might be helpful though it will obviously be biased towards devices that are on the Internet.

Twitter Web App : The just-released DBIR features in-depth cyber threat analyses from more than 80 of the industry’s top organizations and experts.

Twitter Web App : Shodan Thank you for being a great contributor to the The DBIR. Y'all enabled us to do some really cool analysis this year. I can't wait for what we'll be able to do in the future!

Buffer : Excited and proud to be a contributor once again to Verizons #DBIR. Check it out for an amazing data-driven view of security:…

Twitter Web App : veera venky yes, you can email with your ID card or other proof and we can manually upgrade your account

Twitter Web App : Indra Kurniawan 😷 there should be a "Reset API Key" button below the QR code. if you don't see it that means you have active network alerts which you would need to clear out before you can reset the key

Twitter Web App : Simple Shodan API Wrapper For Deno.
Masih tahap development, masih banyak kurangya.

Ikut hype aja dulu. ga ada salahnya belajar tech baru 🤭

Twitter Web App : fsocity2020 here's an article that shows how to request a scan via the API or CLI:…

Twitter Web App : vulncode 🏀 a single data collection module will only check either TCP or UDP - not both. For some protocols we have multiple modules where one handles TCP and the other UDP (ex: memcache and memcache-udp). You can search based on module using the "shodan.module" filter

Twitter Web App : ElasticSearch: 904 TB data exposed in 2018 to 3.2 PB now.
HDFS: 5.1 PB in 2018 to 13.1 PB now.
MongoDB: 24 TB in 2018 to 12.5 TB now.

I think MongoDB has matured and the Atlas cloud with good default configuration has done a lot to combat this 💪🏼…

Buffer : Introducing a few new resources to help you get started with the Shodan search query syntax:…

Twitter Web App : Dazzling numbers about how massive the exposure of data is:

#ElasticSearch 3 times more data exposed (3.2 PB) than in 2018 (904 TB)

#HDFS: from 5.1 PB in 2018 to 13.1 PB in 2020

Less data exposed via #MongoDB: 24 TB in 2018, 12.5 TB currently…


Twitter Web App : 3.2 Peta de dados em Elasticsearch abertos. Aproveito e lembro de um webinar que fizemos no canal da
sobre Segurança em Elasticsearch #elasticsearch #Leak #leaked…