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Bio ‘a sexual & theological schemer’, according to one biography. It was a biography of Anne Boleyn but I dont see why that matters.
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Twitter Web App : Definitely a genuine apology about regretting harm to trans people and not absolute terror that their advertisers will drop them :)…

Twitter Web App : Spent my lunch hour using an app which reads the femininity of your speaking voice to see if me or Miley Cyrus has the clockier voice. (I’d say it’s a tie)

Twitter Web App : Glad to see Olivia Colman sign a letter of solidarity with trans women. Never said this story before but in 2018 when anti-trans feminists tried to harass me out of hosting an Amnesty women’s event (they failed), Olivia Colman came up to me on the day and gave me a hug ❤️

Twitter Web App : I got Tier 3. Looking forward to my Spartan December where I can go to the gym and literally nowhere else. Squats, work, bed. If an ass is high and pert but no one is around to see it, am I still snatched?

Twitter Web App : Failure to protect us is failure, in the end, to protect yourselves because the perpetrators of violence do not make the distinction

Twitter Web App : I’m the only trans girlfriend my exboyfriends have ever had. Luckily, my ex boyfriends are nice men but say if they weren’t: it’d be wrong to make a distinction between violence towards me versus towards their cisgender girlfriends. That’s why feminism has to include trans women

Twitter Web App : For me, “cis” isn’t useful so much in an ontological way to describe someone’s relationship to gender. It’s useful as a political term to describe who holds power in many contexts. And yes in many contexts (medical, legal etc) that can be cis women as well as cis men.

Twitter Web App : Hi the word “cis” is not merely a neutral way to describe non-trans people. Cis people make the laws that grant or take away my rights, cis people were the doctors who wielded power over my need to transition, cis people have physically assaulted me for being trans.

Twitter Web App : Wishing good luck to the Stansted 15 with their appeal, the hearings for it start today. If you’re unfamiliar with this prosecution read about it here:…

Twitter Web App : Remember when the LGB Alliance had a launch event and the special guest speaker was heterosexual Graham Linehan who ended up banned from social media, investigated by police and divorced by his wife because he made himself so unwell obsessing about trans people?

Twitter Web App : I never usually say this but people should report the account Katy has screenshot here.…

Twitter Web App : I am exhausted, all the time. I can’t work or write and I need about 3 naps a day on top of sleeping. Obviously we have to limit the spread because of vulnerable people but it’s not a walk in the park even if you’re not especially vulnerable!

Twitter Web App : Like many younger people, I have frequently joked that I would rather just get coronavirus instead of living with the restrictions. It was gallows humour but now I have it, I want to stress that even in a relatively mild case it’s been horrendous

Twitter Web App : In N. Carolina, a law banning trans people from using toilets of their choice was signed into law by anti-abortion governor. This was considered so outrageous that it led to mass boycotts costing nearly $4bn. Here anti-trans people try to argue it is a progressive position.

Twitter Web App : Single Ladies. A song for dancing round the handbags at Yates Wine Bar.…

Twitter Web App : Struck by how every single obituary and tribute to Jan Morris I’ve read or heard on the radio has been written or conducted by cisgender people.