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Bio follower of Christ, wife, step-mom, grandma Didn’t tweet until 2016 disaster. I can be pretty funny, sometimes snarky but not hateful (Southern) #resist
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Twitter for iPad : Donald J. Trump hey, Donnie, you know how we have watched the JFK speech about going to the moon? Remember? Well, we will NEVER watch any of your speeches with admiration decades later. All of them are merely poor examples of public speaking. All. Of. Them. #WorstPresidentEver

Twitter for iPad : This month we have had one group protesting because they can't get haircuts or soft serve ice cream and another group protesting because they can't get the government to stop killing them. These two things are not alike.

Twitter for iPad : Donald J. Trump You love blaming anyone other than yourself or your supporters. If you think no MAGAts were there, you are even more of a moron than your staff says you are. #riots2020 #WorstPresidentInHistory

Twitter for iPad : Donald J. Trump “Unlimited use of our military’s?” Are you insane? You are fanning th flames of this crisis. PResign. We can’t take any more of your “winning.” You are a narcissistic moron. Tough combination for pandemjc, economic meltdown, depression era unemployment and now a racial crisis

Twitter for iPad : Laura Ingraham Instead consider that SCOTUS affirms governor’s desire to keep people safe. The church NEVER closed. We have 12 online services per week attended by more than average size congregation. Have taught 5 different classes. Think more widely about what God may be doing