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Twitter Web App : #Android18 #DragonBall #FANART #drawing #commissionsopen #illustration

Twitter Web App : AwesomeErick hmm... good point. okay maybe make it so that the dress is kinda wet to give it a reason to be kinda see through and maybe change the hand a little bit as to make it like she's squeezing the water out of that part of the dress lol?

Twitter Web App : Some villagersonas I made of myself and my group of friends. ⭐
I did some render mockups and sketches of them! Ill list who is who below.

Twitter Web App : F1NN5TER random question but have you thought about making a stream where you curl your hair instead of using a wig

Twitter Web App : real easter egg prizes + real egirls LETS GOOOO

Twitter Web App : Sealguy you could start little by little and then it'd might feel like a possible goal maybe... oh and do you have an idea of how the characters would look/be like? i'd love to see some concept art of em if u ever made one 👀