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Twitter Web App : FiveThirtyEight Republicans have already turned on him and are leading Trump off a cliff to his political demise in November by torpedoing additional unemployment and aid to the states. They're counting on roaring back to power in 22.

Twitter Web App : The Klan meets in broad daylight now in shouting distance of a highway. This is the atmosphere Trump has created. twitter.com/brooklyn2369/s…

Twitter Web App : At any moment, you expect a nurse to walk up and take him by the elbow & gently say, "Cmon Mr Trump, let's go get you a juice box." #TrumpPressConference

Twitter Web App : Mayor Bowser has renamed 16th Street NW just in front of the White House β€œBlack Lives Matter Plz.” Here’s video of the sign going up.

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Twitter Web App : Get ready to be underwhelmed with token discipline for a few when it is the command structure that explicitly authorized the brutality and the masking of perpetrator's identities. twitter.com/ABC/status/126…

Twitter Web App : I feel a deep sorrow and empathy for all of us who are suffering right now.

My entire timeline is people trying to cope with racism, police violence, fear of our fragile institutions capitulating to fascism, and the ravages of a pandemic: physical, emotional, and economic.

Twitter Web App : Local muralists and city staff are painting β€œBlack Lives Matter” in massive letters here on 16th Street in front of the White House

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Android : The New York Times issued a statement on Thursday saying an essay by Senator Tom Cotton did not meet the newspaper’s standards. nyti.ms/2UdUFIe