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Twitter Web App : Republicans are Very Mad (again) about my appearance. This time they’re mad that I look good in borrowed clothes (again).

Listen, if Republicans want pointers on looking your best, I’m happy to share.

Tip #1: Drink water and don’t be racist

Twitter Web App : The BTS Army and K-pop stans are beating QAnon and MAGA supporters at their own game

Twitter Web App : Dr. Murray Stein - Map of the Soul 7: Persona, Shadow & Ego in the World... via YouTube Thank you to the #BTSARMY for your support on this Video. One of the most popular videos on our site ever. #BTS

Twitter Web App : Misogyny drives turnout for Trump supporters and so the Trump campaign is focused on attacking Hillary Clinton instead of Joe Biden…

Twitter Web App : .Maryland Department of Health MD Responds Medical Reserves Corps helps MD #VoteSafe! Wear masks, stay 6ft apart & sanitize. If you vote in-person & have symptoms, arent feeling well or dont have a mask, ask an Election Judge to help you vote reducing risk to others😷
#MDvotes #MasksOnMaryland

Twitter Web App : Geez! Should someone whisper in his ear that he isn't running against her anymore. 😂🤣😂…

Twitter Web App : Day 3 Early Voting Unofficial Turnout: 159,426! Vote early today? Download your MD I Voted sticker at Learn more about early voting, Same Day Registration, and find an early voting center in your county/City of residence: #MDvotes

Twitter Web App : Heres Day 3 early voting turnout in Maryland, county-by-county. This doesnt include provisional ballots.

Twitter Web App : Fairytale via YouTube #Election2020 Don't miss this one! It's entertaining as any told by the Grimms. #Florida

iPhone : NEW AD: Trump Campaign Leader for Biden

Jessica Denson was Trumps 2016 Lead Staffer for Hispanic engagement – now shes speaking out against him.

The campaign was a vile, self-serving branding exercise for one man and his family.

Airing digitally in swing states.

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iPhone : NEW: Joe Biden is expected to announce his decision to create a task force that would work to unite the 545 children — separated at the border from their parents under Trump — through executive order on day one of his presidency, a campaign source tells Marianna Sotomayor .

iPhone : #Tarot 4 ⁦Donald J. Trump⁩ 2day: 1-2=Melania sees ur schemes; 3=U can’t relax; 4=U rely on ur smarts; 5=U were building $$; but 6=partners are leaving u; 7=u have moods under control; 8=USA has forces controlled; 9=U hope 4 no change; but 10=women see thru U.