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Twitter Web App : I’m just out for a drive with my wife & kids to test my eyesight, which has been failing me slightly over the last few days. About 30 miles should do it - I heard Barnard Castle is nice of an evening. See you later, peeps.

Twitter Web App : I find it quite sickening watching Alistair Campbell on Sky News rant and rave about the bunch of Charletans & liars in our govt when he worked so hard to put them there by constantly attacking Corbyn and pushing us to back an electorally suicidal Peoples Vote.

Twitter Web App : I feel sorry for that Professor who lost his job for shagging during the lockdown. He should've just said he was worried his penis had stopped working and he wanted to double check.

Twitter Web App : #DominicCummngs drove all over the country with his family while all of them having #covid symptoms. He has no regrets,no apologies.Broke all the rules of #lockdown .He hasn’t convinced anyone of rationality of his actions! Has he?

Twitter Web App : Chief Medical and Chief Scientific Officers were C-tested after exposure to Hancock and Johnson. But Dominic Cummings wasn't, after being round them *and* his symptomatic wife.


Twitter Web App : Cummings’s press statement has made his behaviour worse, not better…


  • Start Video : Cummings’s press statement has made his behaviour worse, not better……

Twitter Web App : So Cummings has just admitted driving to Barnard Castle - *during the lock-down* - and well before it was allowed to drive a distance for a walk...

Twitter Web App : So Cummings dashed home to his infected wife, thought there was a high possibility he was infected - then *went back to the office* to expose others. And *then* drove 260 miles. He's not making it any better, is he..? : Reg number noted in Barnard Castle confirmed as vehicle seen bearing Cummings. Cummings statement this afternoon…

Twitter Web App : Starmer: “I would have sacked my disgraced advisor”.

Also Starmer:…

Twitter Web App : THREAD

Wondering why this government is so determined to protect a misguided elitist for celebrating his mum’s birthday?

‘Childcare Alice’ was appointed a director of #IDOX - company running #Covid_19 track & trace app on same day GSK & Sanofi announce vaccine partnership.

Twitter Web App : The worst fears of many in the city look to have been confirmed. Our protestations were ignored by a Government adhering to a catastrophic plan which has led to many unnecessary deaths. Truth & justice must once again be sought for all who needlessly died.… : Breaking: hospital closes A&E, turn away patients after new spike – 2 weeks to day after Johnson’s back-to-work blunder…