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Bio 39 my name is my gamer tag cause I suck at FPS games. Im not a fan of loud voices, it puts me on edge. I like fishing, photography, sketching, and driving.
Location Middle of nowhere Texas.
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Twitter Web App : Daks What's the tablet? I'm looking for one and can't research them properly. There's so many variable reviews from model to model.

Twitter Web App : Daks Cat thoughts: "Ah yes, my favorite spot is open. Just gonna settle in...there we go. Ok, goodnight!"

Twitter Web App : I went to a local print shop/paper supply company going out of business sale and almost bought an industrial paper punch and book binding machines along with huge art prints. Regret is setting in, but I bought some interesting things.

Twitter Web App : Michael Beschloss Current people judge him, trump, and the entire Republican party harshly. As in right now, today, a majority of the country want them in prison.

Twitter Web App : Social Distancing Dom If all the businesses did it at the same time, then all the workers could afford to get products/services/health care/insurance and the entire country would prosper. There'd be actual demand for more workers and industry growth! It's fear of competition that keeps things stagnant

Twitter Web App : lexy✨ I have to round trip drive 6 hours to do anything fun/interesting. Texas needs to get it's shit together and stop being so damn underdeveloped!

Twitter Web App : Waiting for cables to fix my old bike since I can not find one my size here or order one that will arrive in the next few months. I might crack and go to a specialist bike shop if this takes much longer!

Twitter Web App : Hillary Pokket Nicole ....who are these sad/pathetic people with time for analysis of fictional characters romantic preference? "Based on my research of this fictional spaceman, you're not his type." GTFO, really? Yet their "waifu" would totally be into THEM?! What is this!?!