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Bio Freelance horror artist 🦷 He/him. Made Siren Head and others. Profile picture by @plastiboo ! cover photo by @CinemamindDavid ! Repd by @VeroniKaboom !
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Twitter Web App : Grab English Eerie 2e for £6. Rural horror game letting you tell stories like James, Machen and Blackwood alone or with a group drivethrurpg.com/product/322499…

Twitter Web App : Also there's a giant shack in our backyard that is completely off-limits. It looks exactly like Jason's house from Friday the 13th Part 2.

Twitter Web App : Also the entire upper floor is a finished apartment, but it's been deserted and unrented for years. The staircase leading up to it is behind a door in our bedroom closet, hidden by a cut-out piece of wall.

Twitter Web App : I just saw the basement of my new apartment for the first time, and it's the scariest basement i've maybe ever seen. Blair Witch levels of scary basement. Lone chair off in the corner, dirt floors and cobblestone walls scary.

Twitter Web App : Gary Pullin continues to create some of the best imagery many 80's horror franchises have ever seen. This piece for Jason Lives is a big favourite. twitter.com/GhoulishGary/s…

Twitter Web App : I'm looking to get a fancy mechanical keyboard. I don't have a lot of requirements, i just want it to function really well and light up with all kinds of stupid neon colours. Any recommendations?

Twitter Web App : This is truly sickening. These people are ghouls, laughing from their crawlspaces about a human being facing cancer. Rotten insides, the whole lot of them. twitter.com/TessFowler/sta…