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iPhone : No matter what, Turkey will never turn its back to those witnessed oppression and left alone. We will fight side by side. We will die side by side.…

iPhone : Another day is about to end, and I can't stop thinking those in the prisons of Egypt. I can’t stop thinking those who lost everything they had in Syria. One part of me is Afghanistan, the other part is Yemen, Libya, Iraq... What we have been witnessing do not let me to sleep.

iPhone : The first footage from Tripoli International Airport. Very significant victory for GNA forces.

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iPhone : After days of clashes, Tripoli Airport has been re-taken by the GNA. The airport will serve the true people of Libya.

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iPhone : The US suspending 4 Chinese airlines’ flights to the country, starting from June 16.

This is a retaliation to China’s decision banning United Airlines and Delta Airlines flights to China.

iPhone : The clearest confession you can hear.

Russian presence means there is no difference between schools, hospitals and military barracks. There is no such thing “civilian” nor human right. Everyone is a soldier regardless.

iPhone : Russian Ambassador to Ankara Aleksey Yerhov responding the question whether there are Russian warplanes in Libya.

“Wouldnt schools and hospitals be bombed, if there were a Russian presence?”

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iPhone : Apparently, Paris prepares itself for an uprising too.


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iPhone : An Assad militant is torturing a man in front of his family. Forcing his wife to insult her own husband. Then beating her too when she refuses to do so.


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iPhone : Left-wing politics and populism are now inseparable. The leftists think they are strong when they shout and burn but there is the other side...…

iPhone : Military equipment seized by the GNA today.

Haftar‘s cowards are leaving behind everything they have while escaping.


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iPhone : The same situation is also valid for Haftar. He has received very old version of Russian fighter jets and some have damages.


iPhone : Friday prayers in Turkey. This is the Discipline which makes great Nations. Great leaders teach Discipline to their Nations.

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iPhone : Armed clashes are taking place between police and protesters in St. Louis US.


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iPhone : This tweet includes the desperation of funded journalism which was fun at the beginning. Now, it keeps repeating itself and became really boring. Can you guys be little bit more creative please?…