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Android : I recently learned that my 1/2 brother Joey is dead ☹️😖 We would speak a few times a year & when I hadn’t heard from him, I sent a letter to his home. I nice person renting from the new owner passed on my phone number to his grandson, whom I met 30 yrs ago when he was 5 🌈RIP 😭

Android : You think you buy fun for the kids,
but you give tears to the animals.
Pls Stop this ! #DontBuyATicket
#AnimalRights #OpCloseTheCircus

Android : #child cries/tries to comfort cow before her throat is cut (#Eid religious killing). 100million animals are sacrificed yearly for barbaric tradition which should be relegated to primitive era. This child knows right from wrong. MT TY Roberto Cardella

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Android : Now Minneapolis coroner is saying Floyd died of a pre-existing condition? This is bull shit of the first order. If two men sit on your chest and one on your neck you would probably have a heart attack too. #FloydWasMURDERED

Android : Port River Dolphin needs help now. -
We would call on Minister David Speirs to step in and give permission to the AMWRRO team to investigate the lump on Namor and determine if treatment might save his life. 

Sign the Petition! chng.it/VxPP788q via Change.org France

Android : Hunting is a monstrous practice that destroys families, nobody in the modern world is in survival mode like they say and there should never exist any sport or activity that involves #AnimalCruelty 😔💔
Animals arent to be killed!!! They are animal abusers
#vegan #animalrights

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Android : Im gonna chill today. Twitter is getting on my nerves. I need a break I think. You all have a great Saturday ! I hope this gif doesnt offend anyone.

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Android : RCMP released this video of a suspect tripping an 84-year-old woman in Burnaby, B.C. huffp.st/75pMQ0R

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