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Twitter Web App : Solana in June:

👊 $SOL listed at Exchange
🚀Over 1.2B txs / 20M blocks reached!
👉Solana Foundation formed
😎Swag shop launches
😏Kin community approves proposal migration to Solana!

👨‍💻Development updates & more!

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Twitter Web App : 1 billion transactions, 20 million blocks, Kin Ecosystem migration, Exchange exchange listing, and more! June was an exciting month for the Solana community - check out the Solana Foundations monthly recap newsletter.…

Twitter Web App : Cryptogrande Monthly newsletters will be posted on our blog a few days after they are sent out.…

Twitter Web App : 🎉…

Twitter Web App : The Solana Foundation continued to work hard in June to upgrade and enhance the network: from new Tour de SOL bug testing rounds to significant mainnet beta releases, the momentum of the engineering team continues to pick up.

Twitter Web App : Zidouh Yassine Great - all information around airdrops is updated on our Telegram :) Any further questions you can ask there

Twitter Web App : The Akashian Challenge Phase 2 is now live!…

Twitter Web App : Looking to stake Solana #SOL?

Please consider Chainflow if keeping stake decentralized by staking to a smaller, independent, yet very capable validator is important to you 💪

Learn more about us and our 1+ year of Solana support here 👇…