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iPhone : It was a crappy tweet, admit it and move on, you moron.

(Hey, do me a favour: could you bookmark this tweet and then throw it in my face if I ever have such a bad take that I get ratio’d into oblivion and then I claim that people on Twitter don’t have a sense of humour?)

iPhone : I’ve got a great ‘Piers Morgan is dead’ tweet ready to go. Can’t wait to use it! It will MOSTLY be about him.…

iPhone : I remember David Akin 🇨🇦 writing this when it was happening and I (gently) made fun of him for it, suggesting sarcastically that her appointment would make a hell of an attack ad for Conservatives. Bad take on my part. Oh well if I can’t be wrong on Twitter, why be here?…

iPhone : 30 yrs ago I wrote a (shitty) short story about the need for a Celebrity Death Network, b/c of an excess of celebrities, and when some inevitably die on same day at least one would get ignored. Prescient! Though I didn’t imagine the existence of Twitter so I could brag about it.

iPhone : Guy who has made fistfuls of money as an oil and gas industry keynote speaker, now doing his best to bury the fanfic lede - because what is editorial?

iPhone : I mean, would I read a complete oral history on how the Daily Mail came to invent a completely fictional romance between Mr My Pillow and Jane Krakowski of all people

let's just say I wouldn't *not* read it…