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Bio Voice Actor, Gamer, #1 WC MEGA MAN. Heard in #GoldenWind, #GodofHighSchool, #BreathoftheWild, #TrailsofColdSteel, #ReZero, & more! STREAM:
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Twitter Web App : This is your regular reminder that cops lie. They lie reflexively, offensively, unnecesarily & even when easily disproved. Cops lie.…

Twitter Web App : Should I just go all out and talk about all the things I love and respect about my friends on main? It is soft boi hours 🤔

iPhone : I waited a whole year to get to see this again. What a cool as hell way to wipe. #DragaliaLost

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And if I finish before 10 pm tonight, SEAN CHIPLOCK GETS A PIZZA?!

Let's see if we can finish Super Mario 64 before the end of stream! #SuperMario3DAllStars

Twitter Web App : With Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (and hopefully Breath of the Wild 2) supposedly showing up at Tokyo Game Show I had to draw Revali at some point.

This is my first drawing on my new laptop with Clip Studio Paint as opposed to photoshop. Heres to Breath of the Wild 2!

Twitter Web App : Multiple studies show that American want abortion to be legal.

More than two-thirds of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, the highest support in more than 20 years, per Pew Research Center.

12% believed the procedure should be illegal in all cases.

Twitter Web App : Following the death of RBG, the fate of Roe v Wade is in jeopardy. Unlike Trump's previous SCOTUS picks, this one will shift the balance of the court to 6 - 3.

With 17 abortion cases a step away from SCOTUS, it's likely the new court will look at abortion rights soon.

Twitter Web App : NEW

Here's everything we know about Amy Coney Barrett's judicial abortion record.

Unlike other SCOTUS shortlisters, Barrett offers a clear judicial record siding with regulations that restrict access to abortion.

On CBS News:…

Twitter Web App : Snails 2.0 Zelda Universe As a voice actor, I have no involvement whatsoever in game development besides when I am hired to voice characters. I don't get to learn anything about how a game plays, or what mechanics are included, UNLESS it relates to a certain line I have to say.

Twitter Web App : MarioMatt I swear to god this isn't me trying to plug my stream or anything, but my discord server DOES have a fair number of artists (INCLUDING MODS!) who are much more likely to take a moment and share real feedback, if you'd still like some:

Twitter Web App : MarioMatt Yeah, no, that's not a friend group, that's a discord clique, and you're "not in it".

Please, for the sake of your health, consider leaving it or at least pursuing feedback elsewhere. Those responses are not in any way genuine vs. just being mean to get a laugh out of the others