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Bio Masters Degree in Social Work. Fighting 4 health. Married with 3 kids. I am a double above knee amputee. #disability advocate. #medicare4all #resist
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iPhone : Detroit
New York
St Louis
San Jose
Las Vegas
Des Moines
Kansas City

All Protesting over the #GeorgeFloyd murder.

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Calm down, racist. My team of doctors, many of whom are Asian American including Chinese American, are offering free coronavirus telehealth evaluations and free home COVID-19 testing kits for patients 65 and older in 42 states.

iPhone : Newly released transcript of Flynn’s calls with Amb. Kislyak show discussion to undermine foreign policy of US to punish Russia for election interference. What you might call collusion.…

iPhone : George Floyd’s life mattered.

Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylors lives mattered.

Christian Cooper’s life matters.

Black lives matter, and we have a lot of work to do to achieve true equality and justice for all.

Join ColorOfChange to become a part of that work today.

iPhone : BREAKING: Louisville police confirm at least seven people shot tonight during protests over Breonna Taylor's death.…

iPhone : Even with the three years of devastation of what America was supposed to mean, this week was different. Something broke, perhaps permanently.

More Americans died in a shorter time than ever in our lifetimes, leaders shrug, a president’s madness grows, & cities burn. So much.../1

iPhone : Trump shared a video that begins “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” Remember: when he referred to immigrants & asylum seekers as an “invasion”, an “infestation”, as “animals” they - and anyone perceived to be an immigrant - became targets. 23 people murdered in El Paso.

iPhone : Update: It has been revealed that Officer Jacob Pederson of the St.Paul Police Department was the culprit responsible for kick starting the riot in South Minneapolis. He was captured on camera and identified by his Ex-wife.

iPhone : HOLY SHIT. The cop who started the vandalizing was outted by people who know him. His name is Jacob Pederson of the St. Paul PD.

iPhone : Here’s video of an undercover cop in Minneapolis smashing windows while a member of the community tries to stop him…